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artificial intelligence

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    Application scenarios of artificial intelligence in our lives

    With the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, there are more and more application scenarios of artificial intelligence in our lives. Specifically, there are the following major artificial intelligence device application scenarios. consumer drone Aerial photography...
  2. V

    An AI Just Beat a Human F-16 Pilot In a Dogfight — Again

    In five rounds, an artificially-intelligent agent showed that it could outshoot other AI’s, and a human. So what happens next with AI in air combat? The never-ending saga of machines outperforming humans has a new chapter. An AI algorithm has again beaten a human fighter pilot in a virtual...
  3. WebMaster

    Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services

    Gartner named Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM has leaders for the Cloud AI Developer Services. By 2023, 40% of development teams will be using automated machine learning services to build models that add AI capabilities to their applications, up from less than 2% in 2019. By 2025, 50% of...
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    Run ML workloads cheaper and faster with the latest GPUs

    Running ML workloads more cost effectively Google Cloud wants to help you run your ML workloads as efficiently as possible. To do this, we offer many options for accelerating ML training and prediction, including many types of NVIDIA GPUs. This flexibility is designed to let you get the right...
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    Artificial intelligence makes a splash to protect ice seals and beluga whales

    Artificial intelligence makes a splash in efforts to protect Alaska’s ice seals and beluga whales When Erin Moreland set out to become a research zoologist, she envisioned days spent sitting on cliffs, drawing seals and other animals to record their lives for efforts to understand their...
  6. WebMaster

    When Human Beings Are No Longer Fully in Control Amid Escalating Military Conflict

    Militaries around the world are incorporating artificial intelligence and autonomous systems into their organizational processes, command-and-control systems, logistics systems and weapons systems. A new report from the RAND Corporation examines how militaries might deter hostile forces when...

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