Application scenarios of artificial intelligence in our lives

With the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, there are more and more application scenarios of artificial intelligence in our lives. Specifically, there are the following major artificial intelligence device application scenarios.

consumer drone

Aerial photography drones, competitive drones, AR drones, selfie drones, entertainment drones, drones + model systems and services: control systems, navigation and positioning equipment, cloud platforms, action cameras, panoramic cameras, FPV glasses, remote control system, monitor, power supply, engine, motor, electric adjustment, transmitting and receiving system, UAV model customization, training certification, investment and financing, insurance, etc.

Virtual reality, VR/AR, naked eye 3D

VR, holographic projection, laser projector, multimedia interaction, immersive experience games and equipment, immersive digital cinema, virtual walk, naked-eye 3D TV, 3D-9D film equipment, multi-touch equipment, augmented reality software, augmented reality equipment, Augmented reality technology, augmented reality products, AR games, head-mounted displays, multimedia, 3D modeling, 3D virtual sound technology, real-time video display, stereoscopic display, environment modeling, real-time rendering realism, etc.;

Intelligent wearable device

Smart Watches, Smart Glasses, Smart Bracelets, Smart Phones, Smart Computers, Smart Headphones, Smart Necklaces, Smart Helmets, Smart Wristbands, Smart Monitors, Smart Wristbands, Smart Gloves , Smart Jewelry, Smart Wallet, Smart Scale, Smart Cane, Smart Clothing, Smart Shoes, Smart Clothing, Smart Tracker, Smart Glasses, Smart Frame, Smart Bracelet (Watch) , smart watches, smart watches, smart watches, smart glasses, smart glasses, smart glasses, smart glasses, smart watches, smart watches, smart watches, smart watches, smart watches, smart Watches, smart watches, smart wireless control equipment products, etc.

3D printing

Printers, copiers, graphic printing, label printing and other equipment, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ribbons, ink, toner, paper and other consumables, chips, photosensitive drums, roller films, movement, print heads and other components, 3D printers , 3D printing consumables, 3D printing technology and services.

digital entertainment games

Software, hardware and peripheral equipment for digital game products; digital visual effect software and equipment; online games and entertainment products; portable game equipment and accessories; AR/VR content and equipment; animation and comic film and television works and their design, production, and editing software and hardware; peripheral games and animation; digital entertainment software and hardware development; digital reading, audio-visual equipment and others; property rights transactions; third-party platforms; education and digital publications, etc.

smart robot

Home service robot, customer service robot, catering service robot, welcome robot, child robot, bionic eal robot, brain-like robot, educational robot, medical robot, sweeping robot, sensitive robot, interactive robot, autonomous robot, entertainment robot, none Human-machine, intelligent patrol robot, etc.

pattern recognition

Biometric identification, fingerprint identification, iris identification, face identification, vein identification, text identification, retinal identification, remote sensing image identification, intelligent language identification, license plate identification, standing wave identification, speech identification, 2D3D identification, multi-dimensional identification, etc.;

mind control

Intelligent PID controller, expert controller, neural network controller, hybrid/integrated intelligent control system, hierarchical control system, neural network control system, fuzzy control system, learning control system, etc.;

knowledge engineering

Knowledge search, computer vision, image processing, machine translation, natural language understanding, data mining, knowledge discovery, knowledge processing systems, etc.;

automation plan

Automatic programming, genetic programming, intelligent information retrieval, full-text information retrieval system, automatic abstracting system, machine vision, human-computer interaction, machine perception, etc.

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