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  1. Michael

    MicroPython for IoT?

    MicroPython is a platform if you are sick of traditional embedded system development. Let us play together. RTL8722DM MicroPython SDK. MicroPython SDK is the first time Ameba combined python and c language to make up an SDK. Also, the runtime debug is supported...
  2. Hong

    Multi Birds detection

    Hi, Now i'm working on a IoT project that required to detect number of wild birds go through a window. Currently, i'm thinking about two possible ways to overcome this problem: Video Camera pair with machine learning for the identification of birds Using Laser beam to detect bird pass through...
  3. V

    Black Hat Wrap-Up: IoT and Hardware Vulnerabilities Take the Spotlight

    The first entirely virtual edition of the Black Hat cybersecurity conference took place last week and researchers from tens of organizations presented the results of their work from the past year. Some of the most interesting presentations focused on vulnerabilities affecting industrial, IoT...
  4. V

    High-Wattage IoT Botnets Can Manipulate Energy Market

    A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has demonstrated how, in theory, a malicious actor could manipulate the energy market using a botnet powered by high-wattage IoT devices. Most botnets are powered by devices such as routers, cameras and DVRs. However, researchers...
  5. Michael

    BLE WiFi Configuration Service - RTL8722

    In this project, a WiFi configuration service is set up on the Ameba Bluetooth stack. A mobile phone with the configuration app connects to the Ameba device using BLE and configures the Ameba to connect to the correct WiFi access point. Realtek WiFi configuration app should be installed on...
  6. Michael

    BLE Beacon Service - RTL8722DM

    A BLE beacon broadcasts its identity to nearby Bluetooth devices, to enable the other devices to determine their location relative to the beacon, and to perform actions based on information broadcast by the beacon. Example applications of beacons include indoor positioning system...
  7. Michael

    Weather Station IoT system RTL8195AM

    This project demonstrates how an IoT device (RTL8195AM) is applied in real-life scenarios. If you have watched previous project videos, you should have no problem understanding how an LCD display, a DHT Temperature Humidity sensor and RTL8195AM. All of the previous hardware are put together to...
  8. Michael

    IoT MQTT demo with DHT sensor RTL8195AM

    Temperature and humidity are 2 of the most important factors affecting people’s comfort level in an enclosed space. The DHT humidity and temperature sensor can read the ambient temperature and humidity every 2-3 seconds, and then pass the data to Ameba who will forward them to the server using...
  9. R

    IoT in Process Manufacturing Insight

    Globally, the increasing pressure to improve production activities and performance has led the process manufacturing industry players to adopt IoT in their business units. IoT in process manufacturing allows the companies to gather more data from the production operations by connecting smart...
  10. Michael

    A simple IoT MQTT demo Ameba RTL8195AM

    This video is a simple IoT project based on the “mqtt basic” example that comes with the Arduino package of Arduino IDE. In this project, simple passive components are used to aid in demonstrating the power of bidirectional communication of MQTT protocol which is widely used in modern IOT...
  11. Michael

    A quick start with Realtek Ameba RTL8195, LCD 24H Clock

    This is a small embedded project named “LCD 24H Clock” featuring RealtekTM Ameba RTL8195 development board as the microcontroller. The Ameba board is pre-programmed with code written in Arduino IDE and connects to the LCD screen via I2C protocol. The 24H clock is capable of displaying hour...
  12. WebMaster

    Rogue IoTdevices are putting your network at risk

    'Shadow IoT' devices are creating security holes within organisations which cyber criminals are looking to exploit. Employees are bringing their own Internet of Things connected devices to the workplace and could be putting organisations at risk from cyber attacks because enterprise security...

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