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Black Hat Wrap-Up: IoT and Hardware Vulnerabilities Take the Spotlight


Just Hatched
Jan 28, 2020
The first entirely virtual edition of the Black Hat cybersecurity conference took place last week and researchers from tens of organizations presented the results of their work from the past year.

Some of the most interesting presentations focused on vulnerabilities affecting industrial, IoT, hardware and web products, but a few of the talks covered endpoint software security.

Here are some of the most interesting presentations from Black Hat:

Black Hat 2020 summary

Legacy programming languages can pose serious risks to industrial robots

Researchers from Trend Micro and the Polytechnic University of Milan have analyzed industrial programming languages and the risks they pose to robots and other programmable manufacturing machines. They have developed a worm to demonstrate the severity of their findings.

Variants of the Kr00k attack impact Wi-Fi chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek

The Kr00k vulnerability, which allows attackers to decrypt wireless communications, only affects Wi-Fi chips from Broadcom and Cypress, but ESET researchers discovered recently that similar vulnerabilities also exist in chips made by MedaTek and Qualcomm.

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