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    Black Hat Wrap-Up: IoT and Hardware Vulnerabilities Take the Spotlight

    The first entirely virtual edition of the Black Hat cybersecurity conference took place last week and researchers from tens of organizations presented the results of their work from the past year. Some of the most interesting presentations focused on vulnerabilities affecting industrial, IoT...
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    High-Wattage IoT Botnets Can Manipulate Energy Market

    A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has demonstrated how, in theory, a malicious actor could manipulate the energy market using a botnet powered by high-wattage IoT devices. Most botnets are powered by devices such as routers, cameras and DVRs. However, researchers...
  3. WebMaster

    Smart lighting security flaw illuminates risk of IoT

    The latest smart home security nightmare sheds light on the risk you take each time you add another connected system to your network. The latest smart home security nightmare highlights the risk you take each time you add another connected item to your home, office or industrial network. And...
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    Keeping Your SmartHome Secure: 14 Tips To Help Protect IoTDevices

    Keeping Your Smart Home Secure: 14 Tips To Help Protect IoT Devices As smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular, the number of attacks on Internet of Things devices is on the rise. A recent spate of incidents involving consumer IoT devices has seen malicious users gaining access...
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    Millions of IoT and surveillance devices with HiSilicon chips have a backdoor

    0day vulnerability (backdoor) in firmware for HiSilicon-based DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras This is a full disclosure of recent backdoor integrated into DVR/NVR devices built on top of HiSilicon SoC. Described vulnerability allows attacker to gain root shell access and full control of device. Full...
  6. WebMaster

    Rogue IoTdevices are putting your network at risk

    'Shadow IoT' devices are creating security holes within organisations which cyber criminals are looking to exploit. Employees are bringing their own Internet of Things connected devices to the workplace and could be putting organisations at risk from cyber attacks because enterprise security...
  7. WebMaster

    Mandatory IoT Device Security with new UK Law

    New UK regulation makes it mandatory for manufacturers to apply security controls to their connected/iot devices. A new law will protect millions of users of internet-connected household items from the threat of cyber hacks, Digital Minister Matt Warman announced today. The plans, drawn up by...

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