1. Dakamaster

    Modules [Resources] BW16 Troubleshooting Guide (2)

    Note: Original post in AmebaIoT Forum: [Resources] BW16Troubleshooting Guide Click here for:[Resources] BW16 Troubleshooting Guide (1) Content Uploading Solution Method 1: OTA (Over The Air) Reference Uploading Solution Method 1: OTA (Over The Air) The B&T default factory image can be...
  2. Dakamaster

    Realtek RTL8722DM_mini Arduino Compatible WiFi + BLE IoT development board on sale

    Realtek's RTL8722DM_mini development board is now supported in the Arduino IDE. In addition to features found on the regular RTL8722DM such as GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, WiFi, and BLE 5.0, the new mini development board integrates a microphone, audio output jack, and SD card slot for...
  3. Dakamaster

    Use BLE to configure Dual-band WiFi Microcontroller

    Here we introduce another way to download firmware to your microcontroller board. With a BLE5.0 & Dual-band WiFi microcontroller, you will never have to worry about re-compiling the code just to change the WiFi SSID and password. The working principle of BLE5.0 is working as follows: the...

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