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WIFI to NB-IoT Cellular Gateway with Free data for up to 10 years ( Would appreciate any feedback!)

Shivan Lingam

Just Hatched
Oct 21, 2020
New Jersey
Hello Everyone!

My name is Shivan Lingam I work with a company called CellFree Wireless. We manufacture and sell a WIFI to NB-IoT cellular gateway with FREE data for up to 10 years. The reason for developing this CFW-1000 cellular gateway is because we are from the Real Estate Technology realm where we have found that one of the biggest issues when it comes to connecting various IoT and IIoT devices is internet connectivity.

The CFW-1000 is applicable in various industries from residential, commercial, solar, asset management, and much more. Learn more about applications here: cellfreewireless.com/applications

I would love the hear any feedback and thoughts from all you IoT experts about our cellular gateway solution! Also, feel free to check out our IndieGOGO campaign that we launched for proof of concept and where we are offering the CFW-1000 at a pre-sale price of only $99!

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