What is Beidou Short Message Communication?


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Beidou Short Message Communication refers to Beidou Regional Short Message Communication, abbreviated as RSMC, which is provided through the L-band and S-band RF signals of the three GEO satellites in Beidou-3. In simple terms, Beidou Short Message Communication is similar to the "short message" we usually use, which can only send 120 Chinese characters at a time in the beginning but can now send 1000 Chinese characters at a time. It is possible to use the positioning function to obtain positioning information and to send the information to the outside through the short message function.
Beidou short message communication principle
Terminal A sends short message information to the BeiDou satellite, which is relayed by the BeiDou satellite and sent to Terminal B. It is similar to the communication between cell phones, except that cell phone communication is relayed through the base station.
Terminal A sends short message information to BeiDou satellite, which is sent to ground control center through BeiDou satellite, and then forwarded to Terminal C and Terminal D through data center and communication base station.
Technical difficulties of using Beidou short message communication in cell phones
1. High loss: Beidou satellite orbits at an altitude of 36,000km, and the farther the transmission distance, the higher the transmission loss of the transmitting signal, so it is especially critical to solve the loss problem of communication with Beidou satellite.
2. Low power: High orbiting satellite communication signal loss is high, which means that our ground transmitting equipment needs higher transmitting power, while the cell phone is thin and light, the volume of RF devices is also small, the transmitting power is small, and it faces path loss, so the transmitting power problem also needs to be solved.
3. Low gain: traditional transceiver antenna has low gain compared to professional equipment transceiver antenna.
These are the core technical challenges that cell phone manufacturers need to face to achieve smartphone satellite communications. With the launch of Huawei's first popular smartphone supporting BeiDou satellite messages, it is believed that more and more smartphone manufacturers will launch electronic devices with satellite communication functions, and BeiDou applications will become more and more open and extensive.
Application Scenarios
The application of short messages is very wide, here I will give two simple examples, disaster rescue, and maritime operation.
  • Natural disaster rescue
When disasters such as earthquakes, floods, mudslides, landslides, etc. occur, our communication base stations will be damaged by circuits, optical fibers, and network cables, resulting in the interruption of communication facilities, but rescue and relief need to be carried out in a hurry. At this time, we can send distress information through Beidou short message communication function, which can significantly reduce the difficulty of search and rescue.
  • Offshore operations
Previously, accidents at sea were mainly communicated by satellite phone, but the service fee for satellite phones was very high. Nowadays, Beidou short messages can be used to enable fishing vessels to obtain better positioning information and send accurate distress information in a time when they encounter danger through the combination of Beidou fishing vessel terminals and operation platforms.
At present, Beidou short message communication has been applied to cell phones. In the future, when the technology is mature, it will extend the transmission information to pictures and videos, and the transmission rate and capacity will be greatly improved. When cell phone manufacturers popularize this technology, we will not have to spend more money to buy professional satellite communication equipment and enjoy this technology at a lower price, and our lives will be more of a guarantee.

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