What Are the Characteristics of the Smart City?


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A smart city is the product of the close integration of human wisdom and information and communication technology, and it is a manifestation of the development of informatization to a higher stage. Therefore, its important features are mainly reflected in the fact that smart cities have a stronger ability to focus on discovering and solving problems. Specifically, smart cities have the following characteristics:
(1) Deeper wisdom
Smart cities have massive information resources. Through the sensor systems deployed in important urban infrastructure and public environments, as well as individual, organization, and government information systems distributed in various areas of the city, real-time collection and storage of massive urban information are realized.
(2) More comprehensive interconnection
Smart cities help users analyze and solve problems in real-time from a global perspective through technical means such as wireless networks and broadband networks, making multi-party remote collaboration possible, thereby completely changing the way cities are managed and operated.
(3) More effective exchange and sharing
Through the innovation of the management system, the smart city builds a system of technology platforms such as identity authentication, settlement clearing, and credit evaluation to promote the circulation, exchange, sharing, and comparison of massive data, and provide a good collaborative working environment for applications. Through the exchange and sharing of data, smart cities will greatly promote the virtuous cycle of urban governance and operation, realize active discovery of problems, achieve automatic function coordination, and finally deal with problems in a timely manner.
(4) More collaborative associated applications
On the basis of interconnected network, data exchange and sharing, the smart city builds a public management and service platform centered on the interaction between the government, citizens and enterprises, which can provide users with one-stop collaborative services, thus providing a better solution for city management and operation. A more intelligent decision support system realizes the innovation of management services.

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