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Transforming Manufacturing with Edge and IoT Solutions


Staff member
Dec 12, 2019
With the combination of Edge computing, the Internet of Things, computer vision and data analytics, manufacturers are poised to transform their operations with real-time insights.

To compete effectively, manufacturers need real-time insights into their operations from data that is generated across the production environment. This is one of the keys to reducing downtime, improving product quality, increasing factory output and meeting other business-driven goals.

To achieve these goals, smart manufacturers are transforming their operations with innovative Edge solutions that automate data collection and move processing and analytics closer to where the data is born. These smart manufacturing solutions allow intelligent systems to take immediate actions to optimize everything from machinery performance and equipment maintenance to supply chains, logistics and factory security.

There are compelling reasons for moving data analytics to the Edge, rather than sending everything for processing to corporate and cloud data centers. That’s the case, for example, when a piece of machinery is showing signs of failure, or when defective materials have found their way onto the production line, or when computer vision systems detect signs of security violations. Events like these require immediate responses — which is a key reason for moving the analytics to the data, rather than sending the data to a distant data center for analysis. Other reasons include the cost of sending so much data and storing it when the decisions can be made at the Edge. And yet another reason is the risk of losing the network connection to a faraway cloud or corporate data center.

Industry research has found that the majority of manufacturers have updated, or are in the process of updating, their operations with Edge and IoT solutions that collect, process and analyze data. One recent research report found that 87 percent of manufacturers are adopting Edge and IoT solutions today.
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Just Hatched
Jul 13, 2020
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we have developed a product that allows you to easily retrofit machines using their modbus protocols to
  • given wireless connectivity (NFC/BLE/WiFi/LoRa)
  • Easily generate mobile applications to interact with the machine
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