SX1280 quick operation method

TheE28-2G4M12S module of Chengdu Yiyite Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is basedon the wireless module developed by Semtech SX1280. The chip contains variousphysical layers and various modulation methods such as LORA, FLRC and GFSK. Thespecial modulation and processing method makes the transmission distance ofLORA and FLRC modulation greatly increased; it is a high-performance IoTwireless transceiver and is compatible with the Bluetooth protocol. Outstandinglow-power performance, on-chip DC-DC and Industrial Router/Gateway Time-of-flight make this chip powerfulfor smart homes, security systems, location tracking, wireless ranging,wearables, smart bracelets and health management. The SX1280 supports RSSI, andusers can achieve deep secondary development as needed. The SX1280 alsointegrates timeofflight for distance measurement.

TheE28 series products are hardware platforms and cannot be used independently.Users need to carry out secondary development. Here we only show how toimplement a simple LORA mode communication operation method. First of all, weuse ST's STM32L476RG microcontroller development board to achieve.

Onceconnected, open the official website of Chengdu Yiyite Electronic TechnologyCo., Ltd. (, find theE28-2G4M12S package and download it. There is already a written Demo program inthe data package, and you can directly burn the program. After the programmingis completed, press the reset button again, and the two modules cancommunicate. You can connect the development board to the computer, open theserial port debugging assistant, change the baud rate of the debuggingassistant to 115200 and select the hexadecimal display. The serial debuggingassistant interface will display the data sent and received by the module.

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