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Multiple OS project development experience share


Just Hatched
Jun 1, 2020
Recently, I have just finished an application project development for an embedded system(an IoT project). The project is building CMD line(CLI) tools for multiple OS, Windows10, Linux, and macOS. I just want to share with you guys my experience with the 3 platforms. BTW, the RTL8722DM dev from the following link is what my project is used for.
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Basically, Windows is the most convenient platform. It has all kinds of tools for compiling c, CPP, and c# projects. One thing that needs to be considered. 1, if you use visual studio for c# in windows. the tool you have built is not easy to transfer into the other platforms. To support a visual studio c# project there a lot of works to do in Linux and macOS. Additionally, you have to set up the toolchain/compiler properly for windows.

Linux has no issue to compile my project. But lack of development tools and “sudo” sometimes give you big problems. For, c and CPP development, I suggest that Linux is the best and all project is able to transfer to the other platform.

macOS has the most limitations. I am a Windows person so using macOS to develop is a bit troublesome for me. And the disc name of macOS always has a “space” which is very bad for process command. However, I would say the project made by macOS is the most stable and small size one.

To summarize, if you trying to make a multiple platform/OS support project. I would recommend to use C/CPP project and start on Linux. Please try not to start with Windows, Windows is the easiest way, but will give you troubles when trying to support all 3 platforms/OS.
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Just Hatched
Jul 13, 2020
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we make modules that give wireless connectivity to an electronic device BLE/NFC/WiFi/LoRa. Furthermore using our software
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you can generate mobile applications by simply taking the variables from the .elf file. Our software also manages the interactions between target device/ our component/ mobile applications and targeted cloud platform

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