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Is your organization IoT ready?


Staff member
Dec 12, 2019
IoT offers rich possibilities to the modern enterprise, but it’s important CTOs think through these key considerations before diving in
The Internet of Things (IoT) may still be in its relative infancy, but it’s gradually building apace – as more enterprises begin to uncover the power it possesses when looking to harness data.

From manufacturing to healthcare, or logistics to financial services, more industries are becoming aware of its critical capability to process and convert information into rich, meaningful real-time analytics, in order to do everything from flagging potential issues with infrastructure to tracking demand for services and understanding consumer behaviour.

IoT adoption shows no signs of slowing down either, as its implementation has proved to have helped many firms stay ahead of the curve and have the correct operational efficiencies in place – all of which can be adapted, and evolved, to successfully provide useful knowledge to operate more efficiently in a challenging economic climate.
Statistics back up this shift towards having a multifunctional system in place too. For example, Vodafone’s sixth IoT Barometer reports that 34 percent of the businesses surveyed are now adopters, and 84 perecent of these have increased confidence in IoT compared to the previous survey. In addition, 60 percent of organisations believe that it will have completely disrupted the industry in which they operate in just five years’ time.

Can enterprises even begin to ignore such prominent figures when it comes to finalising 2020 IT and business strategies? And are they in a position to understand the benefits and implement IoT effectively?
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Just Hatched
Jan 28, 2020
Most companies are scrambling to figure out what to do with proliferation of iot devices in their organizations. Many have yet to master the BYOD let alone new, smarter devices.

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