Sensors IIOT: People Counting Solution Required.

Ganesh Gaikwad

Just Hatched
Hello IoTians
Its my first post on the forum, and having a lot of hopes to get the solution.

I am working on an Industrial IoT project where we require to count the peoples.

In the production plant the robotic cell is of dimensions – 8 meters x 8 meters. The cell is made up of Acrylic sheet and Aluminum profile structure. The cell having two doors to enters and exits purpose.
The Kuka robots are placed into the cell for Welding the components.
In the process of wielding, there are high temperature spatters coming out of the machines.

Use Case -
We have a use case, where we require to count the peoples bi-directionally at the door of the robotic cell.
Single or Multiple peoples [Group of peoples] can enter into the cell and come out to the cell at a time.
The robotic cell has two doors. The width of the door is around 6 feet’s and the height is 7 feet.
The robotic cell is at temperature around 30-35 degree Celsius.

Request you to please suggest us the solution to get the accurate count of the peoples enters/exits and human occupancy of the cell.

Waiting for the response. 🙂

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