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How-To?: Sensor data reporting to website


Just Hatched
Nov 18, 2020
The Colony, Texas
I have several sensors reporting data through a cellular router to Soracom. I would like to have a website that a client can log into their client portal and visually see the sensor data. I would also like to have the ability for the customer to create a report based on a selected date range that would create a pdf report of the data collected over that time period. The pdf report would be a template that pulls data from a database or wherever the data is stored.

Here is my issue - I don't know how to get the data that is currently being reported to Soracom to the the finish line of generating a report. I have built the visualization dashboard in Soracom for me to monitor but now I need to have the ability for a client to see their data and generate a report, preferably without giving them access to Soracom. Do I need a web developer to do this through API? Do I need to send it to AWS? SQL or NoSQL? DO I even need Soracom? What is my next step to make this happen?

Any input or ideas would be appreciated.


Staff member
Dec 12, 2019
Hi, thanks for joining iotforums.com!

I think you should be able to use Amazon Greengrass to do this. You would probably need a developer to configure it properly. Azure has something similar, Azure IoT Edge.

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