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Google cloud iot core - Questions


Just Hatched
Apr 25, 2021
I am working on smart farming and generic iot system, my project will include in the short rage : 2-3 sensors, arduino microcontroller.
in the long range will include : one MCU master contollering 10 gateways(MCUs) and every gateway will be conneted to 7-10 sensors.
I want to view data for at least year or two (Data Retention) for example I want to see how the temprature and humidity change on graph or table for like 2 years and do my own analyize.

I don't have any experience on making my own server, thats why I'm looking for open source iot platform.

my question is would Google cloud iot core be good for my project?
I'm thinking about choosing google cloud iot core for my project, I would like to know more info such as :
1. Cloud Data Retention: The number of days your variables historical data will be retained in goog cloud IoT core?
2. Data Visualization: What are the main widgets and dashboards?
3. Data processing and analytics: Do I get to process the collected data in other databases or data analytics systems?
4. Command execution: can I send a command through google cloud iot core?( from user to the microcontroller).

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