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ConnectedCars Poised to Drive More Traffic to Brick and Mortar Businesses


Staff member
Dec 12, 2019
While “connected car” advertising and commerce opportunities aren’t yet a mainstream reality, they promise to be a key piece of the show floor at CES this year. In 2020, brands should be preparing to future-proof themselves as connected technology becomes available in more vehicles.

Searches on mobile devices have surpassed desktop searches for several years now. Mobile device searchers are on-the-go, and marketers have realized the importance of maximizing their discoverability through location-based advertising and local SEO. Brands who have perfected their local marketing efforts for mobile will be poised well for integration into location-based advertising in car “infotainment” systems.

Brands with physical locations, in particular, stand to greatly benefit from connected car visibility given its promise to increase foot traffic to their locations. Here are three key considerations for these brands as we soon enter the era of connected car advertising opportunities:
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